Investment process

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Through the asset allocation, asset class structuring and management, UBM seeks to increase profitabillity of a projects.

Our proprietary investment management process employs five key steps to develop a customized portfolio for each client.

Asset Allocation

To respond to the changigng market and economic conditions UBM actively manages asset allocation, analyzing and ecenomuc forecasting.

Asset Class Structuring

Asset class structuring decisions are key determinants of performance within asset classes. UBM actively manages the structure of each asset class in coordination with our active asset allocation in line with clear, predetermined client guidelines.

Risk Management

UBM’s comprehensive, proprietary risk management system quantifies, evaluates and seeks to control both the macro-level risks that arise from asset allocation and structuring decisions and the security-specific risks produced by the active management activities of specialist investment managers.

Policy Setting
At the outset of a relationship, we collaborate with the client to set an investment policy that defines carefully crafted financial objectives and provides the framework, including asset allocation guidelines and risk control ranges, for achieving those goals.