Legal support

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UBM supplys wide range of services, concerned with the juridical support


UBM has the own juridical department which supply such kind of services as:

- drawing up statutory documents and registration of the business companies (stock companies, limited liability companies), private corporations, company’s’ associations (corporations, concerns, ect.).

- re-registration of the companies in relation with the changes of legal form of organization, name, reorganization;

- legal support of activity at the stock market;

- registration of issue of shares (including increase of authorized capital);

- organization and legal support of the general meetings;

- interest intermediation at the general meetings of the shareholders;

- solving of issues of corporate management at the stock companies;

- drawing of the internal documents of the enterprise;

- adjustment of the company’s activity to the anti-trust laws;

- preparation of the necessary documents for the regulator permits obtaining for the economic concentration and adjusted activities of the business enterprises;

- interest intermediation at the bodies of the Antitrust Committee.