Investment propositions

Quartz sand deposit

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sand_velbDeposit situated in the Rivnenska Region, district of Ostrog, Velbivne Village. The closest railway station situated in 12 km from the deposit.


Dolomite deposit (Zhytomyrs'ka Region, Ukraine)

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dolomiteLLC Dolomine 

(Dolomite, Negrebivske Deposit)

Deposit situated near Negrebovka Village, at the District of Radomyshl, in 15 km from the nearest railway station. 
Volume of reserves  - 35 million tons.
Exploitation license is valid till  2030.
Dolomite is used as an ornamental stone, a concrete aggregate,  in the ceramic industry and in pottery as a glaze ingredient.

More information available upon request.


Industrial facilities for sale (Slavuta, Khmelnits'ka Region)

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slavuta_objectIndustrial facilities, total square - 7,2 hectares. Location -  Town of Slavuta, Khmelnits'ka Region. Railroad and all necessary utilities are available. Labdplot and buildings are in fully owned.